iSurvive: zombie survival iPhone application

This iPhone application helps users find other humans during a zombie apocalypse in which there are no internet or phone capabilities, only GPS technology (the project description explained that the application could be downloaded through GPS technology, which is, of course, not currently possible…but neither is a zombie apocalypse). The application also enables users to notify others of the presence of zombies, supplies, or other areas of interest. Our focus while building this application was on providing this assistance with minimal interruptions. After all, during a zombie apocalypse, people don’t have time to be messing around with their phones.

Above is the presentation Anna Saraceno and I used to help communicate our idea for a Zombie Survival iPhone app. We were asked to create such an app as a warm-up project for our Fall 2011 class on Slow Change design. For those who are interested, we have included slide notes for each slide which highlight what we said during our presentation, found here: iSurvive PowerPoint presentation (3.5 MB)

Project Responsibilities

  • Interview Zombie Expert
  • Brainstorm and sketch solutions
  • Assist with PowerPoint prototype creation
  • Test PowerPoint prototype

Project Timeline

4 days. Aug. 29 to Sept. 2, 2011

Team Mate

Anna Saraceno