Purdue PhD students forced to change advisors with no rationale

I’m compiling a timeline of events in case we need to share this more publicly.

May ?? We requested

–I’ll put this initial timeline in a note, first. Then I’ll paste it here

September 5, 2023 – Nicoletta Adamo, as acting / interim department head, informs Austin and Colin that they will not be able to serve as the chairs for their PhD students with the following email.

Dear Dr. Toombs,

Regarding your recent request for a special graduate faculty appointment, to serve as either co-chair or as a member of a graduate student’s advisory committee, your request has been denied.  

This decision is in accordance with the Policies and Procedures for Administering Graduate Student Programs (Section E., 1) which outlines that such requests require the recommendation of the head of the faculty member’s graduate program. 

This decision has been reached after thorough deliberation and careful assessment of the situation. As such, this decision is final.


Nicoletta Adamo, CGT Interim Department Head

Victor Chen, CGT Graduate Chair

I must repeat here that there had been no other communication from Nicoletta, despite our repeated requests for her to discuss this matter with us.