hungry, hungry hippies

This is my team’s final project for our Rapid Design for Slow Change class. We are also working toward entering this project into the Microsoft Imagine Cup. The two links below will lead you to our work-in-progress wireframes, and the presentation below was our RDSC final presentation.

video wireframe
click-through wireframe (click anywhere on the black portion at the bottom of the “phone”)

The Concept

The average grocery shopper wishes he or she could make more sustainable buying decisions, but is faced with decision paralysis once she or he actually sits down to do the required research. There is no unified sustainability rating system for food products, and there are simply too many factors that could be included in such a rating system for it to be feasible.

Hungry, Hungry, Hippies is a mobile application that uses augmented reality (AR) and fiduciary markers placed in grocery stores to help reduce the decision paralysis our target users face. By looking through the phone at a grocery aisle, our users are able to quickly pick out the food items that align with their own, personal values (specified in the app). Please click through the presentation and the wireframes for more information.

Project Responsibilities

  • Assisted in team facilitation
  • Assisted in the concept design
  • Created presentation materials
  • Interviewed, surveyed, and conducted a diary study with target user group

Project Timeline

Nov. 7 to Dec. 7, 2011

Team Mates

Stephen Miller
Kai Wang
Jeremy White